• Zoom gallery screenshot of virtual celebration held on December 3, 2020

    A Virtual Celebration

    The 2020 Annual Meeting took place over Zoom allowing members from across the country to attend.

  • White Coats

    White Coats

    Since 1994, the Aesculapian Club has provided the HMS incoming first year medical students with their white coats.

  • 2019 Grad Ball

    Class of 2019 Graduation Ball

    The Graduation Ball for the Class of 2019 was made possible by funding provided by the Aesculapian Club.

  • Fabric 2019 - "Aje" (Photo credit: Steve Lipofsky)
  • The Deanery Lounge

    The Deanery Lounge

    The Deanery was fully funded by the Aesculapian Club in 2006 to provide a venue for HMS students to socialize.

  • Students playing instruments in JBM Lounge in Vanderbilt Hall

    Steinway Piano in Vanderbilt Hall

    In 1987, the grand piano was restored by funds from the Club and continues to pay for all expenses related to its maintenance.

Fabric 2021: Njikota

Fabric is an annual event put on by the first-year HMS/HSDM class during Revisit Weekend for incoming students. It originally began as a cultural showcase to celebrate the African diaspora and highlight the experiences of black students. Over time it has evolved into a school-wide event in which everyone is invited to share a piece of themselves and come together to embrace the diversity of our community.

Watch our amazing students showcase their many talents here

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